Weight Loss Pills Addiction

Weight Loss Pills Addiction

Unlike other drugs that are primarily made up of chemicals, diet pills are also known as herbal supplements and are used to help individuals lose weight and unwanted fat. These diet pills can be over the counter products or prescription-only drugs with a single aim or target which is controlling or reducing unwanted and excess weight.

Diet pills or sometimes referred to as anti-obesity pills, change the function of the body’s processing by altering or curbing the appetite and metabolism, as well as a person’s body fat and calorie absorption. When taking these pills, it will result in lesser food intake, the body burning up more calories, and also absorbing lesser fat that usual. These pills come in different forms: they can either be prescription medication or over-the-counter medicines. Though diet pills are definitely helpful for those who really want to lose any unwanted fat and weight in the body, it may be possible for a person to become addicted to these types of pills.

The over continuity of diet pill usage eventually turns into an addiction to diet pills, especially for those individuals who are searching for an easy and quicker way to shed off all the unwanted fat and pounds. This type of addiction can be due to physical or psychological reasons, yet for some, it could be for both. Making use of over-the-counter dietary pills or supplements is considered very unhealthy and it is also one of the most dangerous ways to lose weight. Yet even if this is the case, diet pills are very easy to obtain nowadays and even minors can purchase these supplements. These addictive substances can be bought from drugstores, pharmacies, online shops, health food stores, and a lot more; and since these pills are very easy to acquire, diet pills have become a very common and serious problem in this society. For those taking these types of pills, or know someone who does, it is crucial to follow the recommended dosage as well as the length of time to use these products.

Side Effects of Diet Pills

Diet pills can cause a lot of serious and even dangerous side effects when used inappropriately, which is why these products should only be used under strict medical supervision. The usual side effects of these pills range from chest pains, mood swings, irregular heartbeat, tremors, teeth grinding, nausea, insomnia, stomach pain, and more. There are some cases when people may experience seizures, blurred vision, extreme headaches, hallucinations, and even vomiting since some of these medications are known to have dangerous chemical reactions with other types of medicines. The usual types of dangerous interactions that take place can contribute to liver or kidney damage.

Additionally, the negative physical side effects of these diet pills can also have an extremely dangerous effect on one’s mental health and well-being; so if an individual starts abusing dietary pills, it is usually because they are displeased or unhappy with their self-image and weight. These people turn to weight loss pills to solve their concerns which actually does not fix the problem at all, it may even cause further problems as people continue using these inappropriately. There are some people who do not see any results even after completing the whole course of taking these supplements, which is why a large number of these individuals end up abusing the intake of dietary pills just to get results – putting their health in jeopardy in the process.

Cause of Weight Loss Pills Addiction

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the addiction of certain things and these include diet pills; usually, these pills are taken as a form of a temporary fix for weight reduction, or for the main purpose of altering a person’s appearance. People who use these diet pills under the supervision and prescription of a doctor may probably need this for their health; however, those who make use of these supplements recreationally without any medical purposes cannot really be justified. A lot of individuals who struggle with their weight and body image – despite having a normal weight and appearance – feel the need to use diet pills to control these.

A distorted perception or image of one’s body – body image dysmorphia – may possibly have a root that influences this disorder. Certain causes may include biological, physiological, and even social issues. When a person feels the need to take diet pills for no real medical reason, it usually stems from a much deeper and underlying issue that can all be connected, causing dysmorphia. If these problems are not addressed professionally as soon as possible, the addiction to diet pills can be abused easily to act as a short-term solution for even deeper problems and issues.

Signs and Symptoms of Diet Pill Abuse

There are evident, as well as obvious signs and symptoms when it comes to people suffering from diet pill addiction; its effects can vary and range in severity, plus it can also impact both men and women psychologically, physically, and socially. Below are some of the symptoms and signs that result from diet pill abuse:

–         Liver or Kidney Damage

–         Chest Pain

–         Seizures

–         Irregular Heart Beat

–         Palpitations

–         Hallucinations

–         Tremors

–         Blurred Vision

–         Glaucoma

–         Mood Swings

–         Severe Headaches

–         Nausea and Vomiting

–         Tremors

–         Diarrhea

–         Insomnia

–         Stomach Pain

–         Depression

–         Anxiety

Weight Loss Pills Addiction Treatment

Remember that losing weight is only beneficial when it can be fully and continuously maintained, and based on studies, there is no evidence or claims that these dietary supplements can indefinitely maintain weight reduction. Even if a lot of diet pills claim to do so, there really is no dietary supplement that is a hundred percent safe; this is why everyone taking diet pills should stop, especially when there are no medical prescriptions or reasons for using these.

If someone is having a difficult time stopping the use of these pills, help from a professional is highly necessary to cure this diet pill addiction. Keep in mind that diet pills are just as addictive as other drugs such as heroin or cocaine but fortunately, there are a lot of counseling and treatment centers available that can help any addicted individual. Listed are some of the resources that may help if a person is addicted to dietary pills or any form of drug.

–         Addiction Treatment Centers

–         Drug Treatment Programs

–         Addiction Counseling

–         Drug Addiction Recovery