Gambling Addiction

by Andy McDonald

Man seeks money in order to fulfill his needs. Indeed, almost everything demand some expenses to be done ; moving abroad, eating, clothing, etc. It implicates obtaining money then spend it. Reality is, there are many ways to get money ; legal and illegal. Among legal ways to obtain money there are some which are virtually offering big deals.They are not yet scams but they are somehow tricky. Money games are the best examples of these kind of money makers. Of course, gambling is one of these games where you think you are making big deals of money while you are just relying on something called luck ; while the reality is you are losing more than what you may win. Well, gambling is a game ; so what ?

Actually, it is possible that you are dragged into the gambling world and that you can’t stop playing regardless you win or you lose. You may then experience gambling addiction.

Defining gambling and gambling addiction :

Gambling is the synonym of betting money to win prizes ; in most cases it is about wagering money to win more. It can be card game (blackjack, pocker), dices,  horse game ; or any other playing system that requires the three elements to be declared winner : consideration, prize and luck. Gambling is a very prolific industry ; the gambling house is always making profits while gamblers seek uncertain winning.

Well, with the hope of winning the big prize,  gambler are dragged in gambling and they continue betting their money. The amount they may get are very attractive which encourages the gamblers to bet more, increase their bettings and waitn for luck to be by their side.

Gambling addiction takes place when the player is betting in order to have his money back. In fact, he has little chances to win big, but he can lose everything in one bet. So, he will seek « revenge » in order to win and in all cases to pay gambling debts. At this state, he is trapped and can’t quit. He is addicted.

Developing the gambling addiction :

Gambling addiction requires first experiencing whether the fast and easy money of the shocking loss.

  • The first case will induce the increase of the betting repetition with hopes to win more the same easy way ;
  • The second will force the gambler to try again and again in order to restitute the funds he lost.

Of course, this behavior is like any other addiction, is a psychological disorder. In fact the gambling urge develops a certain neuronal disturbance which make the brain reacts blindly towards gambling houses and moeney matters in general. The brain is induced to produce huge amount of neurotransmitters that have -in regular cases- an ecstasy effect. The gambler will feel that stressful hope and may experience some puctual happiness. Reality is, he got trapped in the gambling circuit while he was looking for wealth, happiness and peace of mind. It is already established that drugs, tobacco and gambling induce brain in the same ways.

Symptoms of gambling addiction:

The most important symptom of having gambling addiction is the urgent need to go gambling even though the subject can’t afford it. This uncompatible behavior is the sign of the total immersion in the gambling world. Being unable to quit is a subsequent sign of the gambling addiction. Also, the sbject keeps promising himself big deals and tries to sell the surrounding in order to lend him money.


Gambling addiction is certainly a psychological disorder which – as the others addiction do- ruins mental health more than physical health. Since it is a psychological fact, healinig it requires the patient awarness and will. Cognitive and behavior therapy is therefore the best remedy to this addiction.