Best Ways to Quit Smoking

by Andy McDonald

Smoking cigarettes is one bad habit that you may not try to learn. Unfortunately, it is common in every society to see that smokers are growing in number. The intense advertisement campaigns are found everywhere and they encourage teenagers and grown-ups to opt for smoking; of course through subliminal messages.

As an addictive routine, smoking appears to be hard to quit. The time you spend arguing with someone defending your freedom of smoking should be more profiting to both of you. Unless you decide to give up smoking by yourself, it is hard for the other to convince you to do so, not even the doctor. When you make your mind and decide to, it is better to ask for the best ways to quit smoking and then choose among them.

Smoking addiction overview:

Before talking about the best ways to quit smoking, let’s explore the smoking addiction. Well, smoking is a habit that consists in inhaling incinerated tobacco. Cigarettes contain nicotine which naturally present within the brain and contributes in some neurotransmitters structure. It is important to signal that the high rate of nicotine provokes high amount of ecstatic neurotransmitters. The brain will seek that satisfactory feeling by claiming cigarettes.

Cigarettes side effects:

Besides the futile happy feelings, cigarettes damage your health:

  • Nicotine addicts your brain: nicotine induces the brain into addiction by stimulating the release of huge amount of ecstatic neurotransmitters.
  • Carbon monoxide suffocates cells: this compound competes with oxygen reducing the cell supplying in this vital gas.
  • Tar harms lungs: it accumulate and reduces the efficient volume of lungs reducing the gas exchanges at that level.

Moreover, excessive smoking can induce lungs, colon and mouth cancers, stomach ulcers and so many other diseases by weakening the immune system. This leads to the urgent need for smokers to look for the best ways to quit smoking and do not wait until the worst happens.

Best ways to quit smoking:

There are many ways and techniques that may help smokers quitting this bad habit. They all require the smoker will in the first place. Afterward, the effort depends on how hard is the addiction level to cigarettes.

  1. Psychotherapy: this is the most efficient way to overcome many types of addictions. In fact, it is not about healing a major psychological disorder, in the contrary it is about reprogramming the psychology to adopt another lifestyle which is healthier. This way is generally done through experiencing cognitive and behavioral therapy. The subject is lead through a psychological training in order to find other activities of replacement; instead of smoking a cigarette. This also important to suppress withdrawal symptoms by thinking differently and learning how to control one’s mentality.
  1. Medicines: some medicines can help gradually suppress the urge for cigarettes. Nicotine patches, chewing gum and pills are loaded with small amounts of the addictive substance and they help the body to get accustomed to little until no supply of nicotine.
  1. Fitness exercises: fitness exercises and workout are very useful when it is about recovering damaged lungs and relieving stress. In fact, the body will learn to perform healthy activities which are more efficient and more profiting.
  1. Diets: it is possible to recover from smoking by being on particular diets. In fact, there are many natural ingredients that have beneficial effects and can help quit smoking. Even better, scheduling meals can be a good way to fight the carving for cigarettes.


At the end, one of the best ways to quit smoking is the well balanced and well mixed combination of all what has been said. Indeed; it is important to know that any change in the lifestyle induces and implicates a serial of changes; better induce rather than wait for them to occ