The Best Way to Curb Social Media Addiction

The Best Way to Curb Social Media Addiction

People today are reaping the benefits of the research and development in technology from the previous generations. We are now able to enjoy technology and how it could make our lives easier. One of the parts technology has tapped is in the way we communicate, the automated release of various information reaching all the corners of the world.

In addition, the advent of social media and handiness of mobile devices kept us abreast with what’s going on with our friends and the world over with a push of a button. However, man is getting heavily dependent on social media that some are unable to stay away from it. This is one of the problems society is facing today, increased online presence but sacrificing personal contact.

The social media addiction is becoming rampant, even involving the youth as early as they are able to scroll the screens of their iPads and is increasingly becoming unhealthy. More and more people find themselves unable to complete the tasks they have because they were lured away from it by enticing taglines and quick links. There is a fear of missing out on the latest news, or updates from absolutely everyone.

The aim of these networks is to pique a common man’s interest, including providing information or just pure entertainment but when the usage becomes out of hand, we experience the disadvantages of having everything easily accessible. It is prone to abuse up to the point that a person is no longer able to separate himself from social media. They could either be one of the following:

–        People who are more involved in perfecting their online personas but unable to handle reality.

–        Increased rate of dissatisfaction with life, because they always see someone having “it” better. Better homes, travel destinations, even pets, that we are overwhelmed with jealousy.

–        Those who are unable to be without their devices for a single moment in a day, they even have it while inside the restroom attending to call of nature.

With these alarming symptoms, the best way to curb social media addiction is to go “cold turkey”. Avoid excessive use of social media, fight the urge to share a nonsensical status update or visit the sites on your favorites. Make your usage purposeful, only when you need it. This may not be a great idea right now, but it is the only way for you to achieve balance again, a much needed reset to be able to refocus on your priorities in life.

It might take a couple of days for the effect to settle in as you try to promote a better habit, so in the process make sure to do the following:

–        Schedule your screen time.

–        Develop or go back to your hobbies

–        Cultivate real relationships than online ones

–        Read actual books and other materials

If you feel you have become a social media addict, set priorities, challenge yourself and start your own journey to overcoming the addiction.