Testosterone Boosters Addiction

Testosterone is known as the male hormone and it is naturally produced by their body; also, this hormone is generally responsible for a large number of differences between women and men. Testosterone is also what causes men to boost and develop muscles, burn unnecessary fat in the body, and it is also responsible for the lower pitched voice and more hair on their bodies. The latter two points may not be of interest to most people, yet the first two points are vital especially for men who are athletes or are into bodybuilding and want to get in better shape.

Testosterone is also the reason why a lot of men are thought to be more sex-driven, and they are even referred to as ‘hornier’ compared to women. Though testosterone is generally crucial for males to have a healthier sex drive, an increased level of this is indeed useful for a lot of men, especially for those who are struggling to get their libido back on track. Finally, having the right amount of testosterone also corresponds to a heightened drive and mental energy which is known to help avoid depression.

Yet based on studies, between 2 and 4 million males in the United States alone are suffering from decreased levels of testosterone – a condition which is commonly known as Hypogonadism. This issue becomes even more common as men age; however, it can also occur in men who are younger and this may be caused by various reasons. Yet even if this is the case, very few males who are suffering from below average levels of testosterone are seeking the help that they require, and based on studies, it has been estimated that only around five percent of millions of men suffering from Hypogonadism are being treated.

The Hypogonadism symptoms are usually overlooked and disregarded since they are thought to be just the regular signs of aging; however, men who have lower levels of testosterone experience the following:

  • Tiredness
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Low Sexual Drive
  • Soft or Small Testicles
  • Reduced Bone Density
  • Weight Gain (Specifically around the waist)
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Depression
  • Anemia

Testosterone Supplements

Because of its effectiveness and efficiency, testosterone boosters have fast become popular among bodybuilders, weightlifters and those who want to further develop their muscle mass; yet this is not only popular among these individuals since some other men make use of these supplements to improve their primary drive and libido. The idea of utilizing these types of supplements is to boost and increase the levels of testosterone in the body and to also improve their erection, libido, muscle mass, and confidence – basically to improve their overall manliness. Yet despite it being a general idea, these boosters do not always live up to what they claim to achieve.

The way these testosterone boosters or supplements work is not by providing men with more of the hormone since this is how steroids work by allowing men to inject a certain amount of synthetic testosterone into the body. This means that supplementing the body with things such as Tribulus Terrestris (an herb that is known to increase the production of testosterone in the body), or minerals like magnesium and zinc can actually help a man’s testes to produce more testosterone. To put it simply, these are simple methods that will further improve a man’s testosterone levels slightly, and if at all, they may possibly receive a similar result from just eating the right kinds of food such as certain types of vegetables which can somehow be a lot more effective.

Are Testosterone Boosters Addictive?

Anabolic (refers to building muscles) androgenic (referring to boosted masculine aspects) steroids are simply man-made elements that are related to the male sex hormones; steroids are referred to the class of drugs which are legally available only by prescription. These steroids are present to treat a variety of conditions that occur when a man’s body produces extremely low levels of testosterone, plus they may even experience delayed puberty as well as certain types of impotence. Steroids are also utilized to treat body wasting for those individuals with AIDS and other kinds of diseases that cause a drop in lean muscle mass. However, abuse of anabolic steroids can lead to a variety of serious and even dangerous health problems that can be irreversible.

Today, experts have learned that a lot of athletes abuse these types of steroids just so they can enhance and boost their performance, as well as to improve their physical appearance. Anabolic steroids are either injected or taken orally, then typically, in cycles of weeks or even months; this is called cycling and most users of steroids take it during these periods, rather than simultaneously. When athletes take these steroids via cycling, it involves taking multiple and diversified doses of steroids over a given period, then stopping at some point before starting all over again. Additionally, these users usually mix a couple of different types of steroids to further maximize the effectiveness of it while simultaneously decreasing the negative effects which are referred to as stacking.

A certain percentage of these exogenous testosterone users eventually become addicted to the steroid since there will be a noticeable continuity of use despite experiencing adverse side effects. These side effects usually include physical problems, as well as the effects of their use on relationships. Testosterone users also seem to spend a lot of time and huge amounts of money just to acquire the supplements. There have also been reports of various withdrawal symptoms once these people have stopped using the supplement, and these symptoms range from tiredness, mood swings, irritability, restlessness, insomnia, a drop in their libido, and their uncontrollable craving for more steroids.

How to Avoid Testosterone Booster Addiction

Always remember to have safety measures when taking any type of addictive prescription drug; doctors prescribe these at safe and necessary dosages while simultaneously monitoring the use. This is to ensure that the person taking the drug or supplement does not overdose or take too much of the supplement / drug for too long. If the individual taking the supplement / drug feels that they need to increase the dosage, it is best to seek the advice of a professional before taking any further measures.

Once a person has become addicted to a drug or supplement, they will be at high risk for falling back into that cycle of addiction; so with that, here are some ways to prevent testosterone booster addiction.

–         Stick with the plan for treatment and remember to monitor all cravings for the supplement. It may sometimes look like the person has already recovered from the addiction, but the chances of staying drug-free will be much better if the person continues with their treatment until it ends.

–         Avoid risky situations such as going to places you know where other addicted people are; it is best to stay away from these places since it could tempt a person back into the addiction of these testosterone boosters.
–         Seek immediate help if the person has returned to taking their supplements again.

There are some ways to naturally increase the levels of testosterone so those who are addicted to the supplement can opt for these instead. Some of these ways include consuming a lot of Zinc, engaging in strength training, optimize the levels of Vitamin D, eat healthier fats, and a lot more.